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E:news- An exclusive interview with Ziv Marshall “A Talent Manager And Music Business Consultant”

Born Marshall Bulus on August 14,1993. Ziv Marshall as he is well known is an influential talent manager, music business consultant. Ziv is from kaduna South, the second child from his family of four. He obtained his Diploma in Electronic and computer networking at Model Skill Training Center Abuja, He later furthered his study at ISCOM University Benin Republic where he obtained his Degree in Business Administration /Management Science.

We recently caught up with him, after plenty plenty stress, but hey, getting good interviews requires a lot of work too, and after you read this, you will quickly agree with me that it was really worth it…


N E: First off all tell us about Ziv Marshall as a person

Ziv: Okay, now that’s a very tricky one,
But I will say Ziv Marshall is the most coolest dude you’ll ever meet.
But Ziv Marshall is a talent manager and a music business consultant based in Lagos.
And I love to see everyone win.

N E: What inspired you to go into Entertainment ” Talent management” and Music business consultant.?

Ziv: Truth be told I am a failed artist and i am very sure i am not the only one who at some point in their life wanted to do music but, i gave up on that dream while i was still young but i was very sure that i have a place in the entertainment industry, thou it took me a while before i realized i wanted to do management and when i made that decision 5 years ago i can for sure say it has been a great thing doing music business.
Though the industry is tricky but we have been surviving and we want to keep doing it till we do it big. But also one of the major reason is that i am really emotional when it comes to good music and good Talent. Like I said earlier I love to see everybody winning so doing Talent management is the best way to help as much talent as i can.

N E: “Arewa Experience Movement” is a new talent management and Music business consultant, Let us know the journey so far and What brought about the concept.

Ziv: So I keep saying I love to see everyone winning.
I have been doing Talent management for a while in Lagos and it sort of going good out here but i can’t stop thinking about how the Northern Entertainment is doing, so last year i decided to do a North media plug tour and i went to 7 state in the North, I spoke to a couple of media people so i came to realize that the major problem is that Artist are not just putting in a lot of energy in growing the platforms in the North, so i set up a team to start up Arewa Experience to help the Northern Entertainment.
We looking at becoming the biggest platform in a couple of years because we trying to start up a couple of activities.
Surely Arewa Experience is the future of Northern Entertainment.
We already have some of our very own pulling strings (Classiq and his Team).
I had a conversation with him last year and am like bro this is what i want to do and was like whaaaaat Ziv how did u know my plan? and he said it’s about time we start doing it big back home.

N E: ‘FARA’ is the first official project of Arewa Experience Movement. Tell us how you were able to bring up the artist you future considering their music career status.

Ziv: It wasn’t a problem getting them to get on the record Because, I was already cool with most of Them.
I manage Ozee and i consult for jahbwai who produced the record, Jayphil was my school mate though, we were not friends back then in school. We later got introduced by an old friend who was also our mate. Terry Tha Rapman And BOC were Kind of cool with what the movement was about and there has been a good relationship between us.
And it’s also base on my status as a manager in the industry.

N E: What are some of the nightmares of being a Talent manager and Music business consultant.?

Ziv: I like to think of this job as the most hardest job ever, because you can imagine being responsible for someone’s career , so all that runs through your mind is gonna be if this guy doesn’t deliver, it gonna be my last fault and i guess nobody wants to be responsible for another mans failed career.
Most times you are expected to make the right decision.

N E: What’s your Anxiety when someone says:what have ‘Arewa Experience Movement’ achieved lately.?

Ziv: Well even thou we just started the movement and with what we have so far did with Fara bringing together 4 artist,one producer and myself on the same record I believe we gonna be doing a lot.
Bringing these artist together to be on the same record is exciting and if we have a couple more songs out then the entire artist in Arewa will now tap from each other’s vibe and even record personal song with some of the artist in the same songs or other record.

N E: Who is your favorite Talent manager

Ziv: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! wow! this one loud oooooo. I will  love to say Godwin Tom but i also like Osagie because She is the kind of talent manager I wanna be like.
She has platforms that helps up-and-coming artist to showcase their talent, so she is just not a talent manager but a PR and a show promoter and that kinda what I wanna be so I guess I will say Osagie.

N E: Name some of the factors that determines whether or not you will manage an Artist.

Ziv: You mean myself ?

Yes sir, As an Artist manager.

Ziv: A lot of artist have a problem of listening.
A lot of them don’t like to listen and the moment i realize you’re that kind of artist i will immediately pack my bags.And hard work really matters also does good and solid Talent.
The artist and the manager should be able to conversate on a lot of things, even personal life issues, it helps build trust and all.

N E:What advise can you give to, generally or specifically to up coming musicians who may be just out of the garage and headed to record some materials and who may also be looking for some carrier guidance and leadership.

Ziv: All you gotta do is trust God and trust the process.
A lot of times up and coming artist don’t understand what they can do with the little platforms they have. Being good alone isn’t gonna cut it you have to take it upon yourself to push your career so that when and if a label do come through, you can tell them what you like and what you don’t like in their contract but, that can only happen if you have out in a lot of work as an independent artist.

N E: Tell us what to expect next from AREWA Experience Movement.

Ziv: Well Fara is already out but we are gonna be putting out more content.
Also featuring all the amazing talent from the North. We are hoping to put out a project soon.

N E: Which artist do you dream of managing or do a collaborative with.?

Ziv: I have never thought of managing any big artist all I think about is making a big artist, and in terms of collaborations I’d like to work with every artist who came from the North even if they not really Hausa but as long as they where raised in the North I’d like to work with them on the Arewa Experience project.

N E: Apart from your work, what else do you like to do for fun.
Ziv: Hmmmm that will be traveling, swimming and probably listening to music.

N E: I like travelling too.

Ziv: Yeah traveling is a vibe.

N E: How can Artists or should I say any body reach Arewa Experience Movement.?

Ziv: Arewa Experience is managed by a management company “Globallinkup”.
On IG and Twitter: @globallinkup1
Email: Globallinkup1@gmail.com.

N E: If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what will it be.?

Ziv: I guess that will simply be a stand up guy who love winning
and Arewa Experience.

N E: One word for Everyone out there reading this interview.

Ziv: I’d like to urge everyone who support greatness to join the movement so we can have a better Arewa and also again Trust God and trust the Process.


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قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه